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We are a niche consultancy focused on enabling the success of others through our expertise in brand, marketing and stakeholder engagement.

philosophy_circleWe’ve been around in the corporate world for a while. We’ve worked in multiple countries and cultures and in consulting and in-house roles. We made it into senior management positions, C-suites and boardrooms. And we’ve worked with some great experts in a range of fields.

We have prospered and thrived on this amazing experience and think it’s time to share some of what we have learned and accomplished to help others in their own efforts. We are especially interested in working with organizations that are starting up, are privately owned and/or are in the non-profit sector.

We can coach and counsel, and we can consult. We can also connect you with others who may be better placed than us to help you. We don’t pretend to be what we are not…

focus_circleWe prefer to work with non-profits, start-ups and SMEs.

We help them to develop and implement approaches to strategy & brand, marketing & sales, and stakeholder engagement & loyalty.

principle_circelComprehension: We start by working with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and expectations and what you want success to look and feel like — so that our recommendations, strategies or plans deliver what you want.

Collaboration: We encourage the active involvement of all your key stakeholders — so that solutions are co-created to enable successful implementation.

Completion: We combine insight with action and execution — with a clear view on how to measure outcomes and impact.

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