Recently, we are happy to have enabled:

A UK-based specialist design agency working internationally to create exhibition stands, spaces and environments. In a highly competitive market with marketing budgets under pressure and an increasing focus on return on investment, they wanted to refresh their positioning and messaging and stand out with a clearly differentiated offering. They also wanted to engage their full team in the process with a view to enabling them to attract and retain clients in long-term relationships. We ran a ½ day interactive workshop with the Managing Director and his full team to help them do just that.


Discussions on brand positioning and communications with selected ISVs (independent software vendors) working in the Microsoft ecosystem.

See Microsoft BOOST’s interview with Rosie ‘Present a unique purpose beyond what your product or service can do’.

Read the full the interview

Established independent EU public affairs company with offices in Brussels, Hannover, Stockholm, Warsaw and Genoa.

Designed and conducted a workshop for a team offsite focused on ‘enhancing value’. Subsequently conducted a stakeholder satisfaction study as part of ADS Insight’s 2020 strategic planning process. Interviewed a broad range of stakeholders including European Commission officials, ADS Insight clients and other organizations.

Logo Alternativiti 280

Startup boutique consultancy that offers a light-hearted yet serious approach to training, coaching and workshops.

Thank you R-Co.  You made sense of the numerous ideas and directions alternativiti was taking when it was created.  You transformed this multi-faceted and somewhat chaotic positioning, into a coherent brand.  Thanks to you, the content and messaging for our website is dynamic, energetic and professional.  You are the best!

Martine de Weirdt, Founder, alternativiti


Established firm operating out of Belgium and Hong Kong and working globally that enables crisis resilience.

Helped to re-define the CS&A brand by building on their accomplishments of the last 25 years and positioning them for the future.

We were delighted with the session that Rosie ran with the team and the insights and recommendations she provided as a follow up. She challenged us with probing questions that got us to focus on important strategic issues for the future of CS&A.

Caroline Sapriel, Managing Director, CS&A


Business analytics start-up for medium-sized enterprises in Belgium that focuses on delivering tailored solutions that answer business questions with data and facts.

Worked with its co-founders to develop a compelling brand story, brand values and a set of key messages which are now integrated into dataSHIFT’s way of doing business. Provided coaching and mentoring to enable focus and efficiency in their business development efforts.

As a newly founded company, we believed it would be easy to grasp and articulate the core of our branding. It turned out it wasn’t. Until we joined forces with R-Co. Amazing how quickly R-Co felt the core of our positioning. They translated our thoughts into concise and practical guidelines to start developing dataSHIFT as a brand. This input, we’ve used as a starting point for our new website, social media campaigns, LinkedIn and internal communications … Great result from wonderful people – a joy to work together with.

Nico Huybrechts, CEO, DataShift


Immersive training and coaching services for interpersonal communications dynamics and behaviours.

Worked with its founder to define a clear positioning and content for the website. Retained one year on to refine and align the messaging to reflect the success and growth of the company.

I was looking to present my new company and its offering with impact. Rosie succeeded in translating my thoughts and proposed an original positioning approach that perfectly fits with my vision and the culture of Grouks. I am sure I will work with Rosie again. I can’t recommend her enough to those who are facing similar challenges.

Yves de Jamblinne, Founder & Transformer, Grouks

Distributed ledger technology solutions provider that enables information to be enriched and exchanged securely and with certainty to create a single source of truth for payments transactions. Operating out of Asia, with offices in Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Worked with the founder and his core team initially to extend their connections within the financial services industry. Then engaged with them to develop a comprehensive brand positioning, naming and key messages structure. Also provided guidance on attending events to help them gain visibility in a highly competitive marketplace. An update to the website is in progress.

Fintech start-up that is accelerating its product development and commercial expansion internationally after a round of funding. Worked with them to strengthen their brand positioning and reputation internationally and to develop a set of key messages. Our work was subsequently integrated into a refresh of their website and marketing channels.

Alternative urban streetwear start-up based in Glasgow, UK.

Helped to define business and brand strategy, tagline, key messages, tone of voice and go-to-market plan on social media.

First impressions are very positive, you definitely “get it” Rosie. Some of the blurbs and supporting messages you wrote hit the nail on the head big time: “We are influenced by the music, art and urban cultures and landscapes that we know. Like them we are body, edgy and inclusive. We share our craft and encourage our customers to be our promoters and amplify our story ‘in the wild’.” That one gave me the shivers.

Three months later:

The brand work has been helpful to me every day! Every time you interact with your audience through social media or in person you have to be on-brand and on board with the messaging.

Creator/Founder Nautilus Inkworks.


Established Microsoft Gold partner based in the Netherlands specialized in technology-based business collaboration solutions and preparing to scale up to launch a new and innovative cloud solution to be targeted internationally through a network of partners.

We worked with them to establish their brand positioning, tagline, marketing focus and messaging.

R-Co has been a big help in connecting the dots on our nternational value proposition and branding. During the workshops, Rosie continuously challenged us to think out-of- the-box. Rosie and her partners translated all our thoughts into useful guidelines for the branding of PortalTalk as both a Company and a Brand. In little time, we made big decisions with great impact in the development of our organization.

Paul Dols, CEO, PortalTalk
Triangular World Logo Apple

London and Brussels-based start-up niche consultancy that enables companies to optimize the full spectrum of shared services capabilities.

Defined brand proposition, key messages, website content, case studies and a marketing & communications plan. Subsequently connected them with an expert to help build their social media strategy.


A Netherlands-based workflow solutions company preparing to launch a new cloud-based platform and offering internationally. We engaged with its CEO and management team to shape and deliver a new brand story, company name, product names and comprehensive set of messages. We continued in an advisory role through to the launch in May 2017.

I’m so happy with the results of the re-branding that Rosie and Neil supported us with. I personally don’t think that we would have ended-up with such a clear name and brand story if we would not have involved them. A pleasure to work with and always fast and creative in providing feedback and ideas.

Harm Poelen, CEO, WorkFlowWise


A newly created advisory services company for families and businesses working with Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals and family business owners in Europe and beyond to help them plan, structure, manage, sustain and preserve their wealth and success across generations and geographies.  The founder is an experienced private banker who needed to articulate the story of his company and its aspirations and to develop the necessary communications messaging and channels to launch his business.  After developing the ‘brand book’ we continued to advise on the implementation of the messaging in the website and other materials.

Rosie is one of the most business-intuitive people I have met.  She was able to translate my ‘mindwildness’ into a clear and articulate presentation.  Rosie was also very helpful for defining and structuring the Yours’ key messages and tagline. A great work.  Really.  Thanks

Jean-Louis Wauquet, founder and CEO, Yours

And some past clients for other projects include:

  • Community Business (Hong Kong)
  • European Central Bank
  • KCS (now TMF) Asia
  • Nielsen Europe
  • SCA Packaging
  • TetraPak
  • Toyota Marketing Europe